Who on Earth Speaks Esperanto?

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Actually, Esperanto is an exciting, living, growing language with millions of speakers worldwide. The exact number of Esperantists cannot be accurately calculated, because there are many speakers who are not members of any official Esperanto organizations, and therefore cannot be counted. No one knows quite how many Esperantists there really are!

For over 100 years, people have been using Esperanto to unlock the language barrier through books, magazines, music, email, websites, and at community events and international conferences.

Esperanto is spoken in almost every country in the world. Each country’s national organization is a member of the Worldwide Esperanto Organization (Universala Esperanto Asocio). UEA’s “Landoj” page has a list of world regions and the number of member countries. If you click on a region’s name, you will see a list of all the countries within that region that have active Esperanto organizations.

Esperanto is categorized as a tier 1 language by Wikipedia, with over 100,000 articles written in Esperanto, putting it among the world’s top 27 languages represented on Wikipedia’s website.

Esperanto is not intended to replace a speaker’s native language, but instead to be used as a universal tool to facilitate international communication. Because it is so much easier to learn than a traditional language, and the average person can become fluent in 1/6th the time, Esperanto is an ideal way to travel the world and meet new people while studying just one foreign language.

Whether you speak Esperanto fluently, or have not learned a single word yet, the international Esperanto community welcomes you!