Seattle Esperanto Society Calendar

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Newcomers are heartily welcomed at any event. Please feel free to drop in and join us, no matter how much or how little you speak Esperanto. We look forward to meeting you!

Monthly Meetings
the FIRST Saturday of each month, 10 am - 12 noon
(except for either the July or August meeting--Summer Picnic, September meeting--NOREK, and December meeting--Zamenhof’s birthday).

Summer Picnic/July or August Meeting (In July or August each year)
The SES Annual potluck picnic is held at a local park instead of, or in addition to, the regular meeting location. Date and location vary each year.

Every September, one of the Esperanto societies in the northwest hosts the Northwest Regional Esperanto Conference.

Zamenhof’s Birthday (TBA -- on or around December 15)
Every December, the Seattle Esperanto Society joins Esperantists around the world in celebrating the birth of the creator of Esperanto. Date varies each year, but the location is usually the Spaghetti Factory in Seattle.